Interested In How To Lucid Dream Tonight?

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how-to-lucid-dream-tonightLet’s start from the beginning, what is lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is a dream in which the dreamer is completely aware that they’re in a dream. The term “lucid dreaming” was founded by a Dutch psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in 1913 who commonly used the term “lucid” in the sense of being mentally clear.

A misconception of lucid dreaming is that the dreamer is in complete control of their dream. While it is possible to control a dream, the two are not commonly linked. Lucid dreams happen every once in a while naturally, but their are some simple ways you can train your subconscious to be more susceptible to lucid dreams.

How To Lucid Dream Tonight

So, now that I have your attention and curiosity, are you ready to learn you how to lucid dream tonight? Lucid dreaming can happen to anyone, no matter the age or lifestyle, why don’t you try it for yourself tonight! Click below!

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